A marriage certificate is a vital record which documents the legal union of a couple in accordance with the laws of  a particular country or jurisdiction. The marriage certificate is issued after a formal compact which is presided over by an individual who is authorized by a country or jurisdiction to officiate said compact. Depending on laws of a particular jurisdiction, witnesses may be required for the marriage to be legal.  Before marriage, couples may be required to apply with a government office for a marriage license. This procedure enables jurisdictions to research the legality of the persons seeking to be married. To discourage “sham” marriages use to gain legal residence or citizenship in some countries, the marriage licensing is a serious national security government task. Eurosign’s DRIVE Marriage Certificate Module (MCM) assists governments in streamlining the marriage licensing and issuing marriage certificate tasks.  Eurosign will modify the DRIVE Marriage Certificate Module (MCM) to confirm with the laws and culture of client countries.

Countries have become more concerned about accurately documenting marriages and marriage licensing within their borders. The DRIVE Marriage Certificate Module can assist governments to accurately track new households created through marriage while improving the capability to better detect fraudulent unions. Fraudulent marriages may be linked to organized crime and human trafficking and left undetected can create increased criminal activity. Eurosign’s DRIVE Marriage Certificate Module (MCM) is capable of efficiently assisting governments to keep track of marriages with the issuance of marriage licenses, marriage certificates and also divorces while strengthening  the Bureau of Vital Statistics/Records. The issuance of modern and virtually counterfeit-proof marriage certificates, with the capability to be verified instantly, enables governments to build better societies.


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