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DRIVE is a secure intranet based Enterprise Software application specifically created for  emerging countries/jurisdictions with rapidly growing motor vehicle ownership, drivers and road traffic. DRIVE will empower governments to efficiently manage the public safety issues which result from the increase in motor vehicle ownership. Emerging  countries have also been  negatively affected by a steep rise in criminal and civil violations related to the increase in motor vehicles and drivers. Many of these violations have not been prosecuted because emerging countries have not implemented an effective method of recording, classifying, storing, and  retrieving data related to car and driver or generating accurate tamper-evident documents (Driver Licenses, Vehicle Registration/Ownership documents and Expiration Decals). Revenue and taxes related to motor vehicle ownership and operation have been under-collected or  forfeited in many emerging countries. Eurosign’s DRIVE , customized for client countries, will assist governments to implement a modern Department Motor Vehicles (DMV) to effectively manage the licensing of cars and drivers while generating increasing and constant annual revenues.

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  • Web enabled to operate at main and satellite DMV offices, other government ministries and banks
  • Vehicle ownership and registration protocol and document generation
  • Driver and road violation tracking
  • Calculates all fees and taxes due upon vehicle registration and renewal and efficiently generates invoices
  • Inventory management of Motor Vehicle Department/Agency
  • All users/clerks can only access DRIVE at secure government sites with Biometric and PIN verification login
  • No deletions possible of any data entry only entries to nullify previous entries possible
  • Stores all documentation submitted by registrants
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification system
  • Historical data of vehicle previous owners and registrations
  • Enhanced search capability to assist Law Enforcement and Emergency Call Centers
  • Accounting package to match laws of each country with accurate cash tracking
  • Designed with the assistance of law enforcement veterans
  • Easy to maintain and operate